Automation in Drafting Legislation

An Outline for the use of Automation in the Legislative Process.

Use Wikis as tools for drafting legislation. Every individual Member of the Parliament or Member of the Legislative Assembly can be empowered to make a complete contribution to any legislation. No constraints of time will apply and every member will be able to draw on the entire knowledgebase of the Internet and other sources in making his presentation. It will also help to shorten debating time and make it possible for wider participation.

There can be a level of interaction between the citizens and their individual representative, details from which can then be included as required in the presentation to the Parliament or the Assembly.

The whole evolutionary drafting process can be made available online, either during the process itself or after the legislation is completed, for the entire country to see, understand and give feedback on.

Voter participation in elections with such information being available can probably reach record levels.


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