Election Commission of India - General Election 2014
Results (Winner Work Through ALL Candidates to Reach 100% of People)
Candidate Party Votes
Bhola Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 428227
Md. Tanveer Hassan Rashtriya Janata Dal 369892
Rajendra Prasad Singh Communist Party Of India 192639
Vaij Nath Paswan Independent 12143
Sushil Kumar Independent 11144
Ram Padarath Yadav Bahujan Samaj Party 9014
Sunil Kumar Aam Aadmi Party 8639
Pinki Devi Bahujan Mukti Party 4858
Rajendra Yadav Independent 4605
Mohammad Javed Independent 3405
Hari Kant Prasad Bharatiya Bahujan Congress 3344
Pankaj Paswan Independent 3323
None Of The Above None Of The Above 26622



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